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BayThreat 4 is over for 2013. Until next year, stay tuned to @BayThreat.

The recordings from this year's conference are available here.


In order to keep the ticket cost low, we rely on a few key sponsors to support us. Thanks to our sponsors:





Cloud Passage










Errata Security


Threat Stream

Bishop Fox

Risk I/O


Rift Recon

Hacker Dojo


Activities at BayThreat

BayThreat 4 has two tracks of security talks, but we also have other activities such as workshops and networking events!


Black Bag Room

Friday 10:30am-5:00pm Rift Recon hosts the black bag room: go hands-on with a large collection of physical security tools, from common field use tools to lesser-known bypass methods. Inspect tools and covert items, grill our staffers, try your hand at bypassing door hardware from the other side, decoding padlocks, and learn how to defeat different types of motion sensors.

Workshop - Beware of Network: Unleash your Network on Threats and Adversaries

Saturday 1:00pm-5:00pm Randy Ivener and Joe Karpenko will run a 4 hour training session on configuring your network for incident response. This session will be first come, first serve until the seats are filled.

Synopsis: Today's threat landscape is a complex battlefield rife with passionate hacktivists, profiteering criminals, insidious bad-actors, industrial espionage, and powerful nations. These threat actors are exploiting the security weaknesses of specifically targeted organizations for their own gain. Whether the motivation is monetary, publicity for a cause, theft of trade secrets, intellectual property, customer information, or increased competitive advantage, the proliferating presence of threats in the cyber landscape thriving.
Building on the six phases of Incident Response and inherent network instrumentation features such as NetFlow and DNS telemetry, we will discuss recommendations for protecting your network infrastructure, proprietary and customer information, servers, clients, and users.
* These recommendations should be deployed as part of the Preparation phase of Incident Response.
* Practical and effective use of these recommendations provide critical insight and awareness into threats in-progress or post compromise.
* These recommendations have been battle tested and helped organizations respond to on-going attacks. 



Builders vs. Breakers: Bowling After-Party hosted by Tagged!

BowlMor Cupertino - Located in the Valco Shopping Mall - bowlmore.com/cupertino
10123 N Wolfe Rd #20, Cupertino, CA 95014

Afterparty for BayThreat badge holders + one additional guest per badge

December 6th at 7:00pm til 9:30pm
Chartered Shuttle from Hacker Dojo to BowlMor provided!

7 lanes of bowling + shoes free
Sign up for the Builders vs. Breakers teams during the conference!

Premium open bar all night (Unlimited drink tickets to be distributed to anyone with a badge)
Premium liquor, beer, wine, and sodas

Dinner buffet with pizza, salad, and other appetizers

Chartered shuttle to drop off at Caltrain, leaving the party at 9:45pm

Tagged is our host this evening and will have a table full of swag and goodies. Stop by and say hi to the Tagged security team!