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BayThreat 4 is over for 2013. Until next year, stay tuned to @BayThreat.

The recordings from this year's conference are available here.


In order to keep the ticket cost low, we rely on a few key sponsors to support us. Thanks to our sponsors:





Cloud Passage










Errata Security


Threat Stream

Bishop Fox

Risk I/O


Rift Recon

Hacker Dojo


Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some questions you might ask!

What's different about BayThreat?

BayThreat is the first regional con that caters to those of us in the South Bay! This crazy scheme was hatched at a #SiliSec meeting, and we're looking forward to a con with one less cross-country flight :)

BayThreat is bringing the caliber of speakers usually seen only at the major cons to the Bay Area because many of these speakers are local and interested in more elite and fun events in the Bay scene!

What are the different tickets?

Tickets are non-refundable after December 1, 2013.

There are 4 different ticket options:

General Admission: This ticket is gets you entrance into all 2 days of the BayThreat Conference. We provide coffee, lunch, snacks, and beverages. You also receive a free BayThreat t-shirt and a badge. You are also invited to the evening parties and events with the badge.

Student Admission: All of the above, at a discount for current students that can provide a Student ID that is in good standing. Faculty ID is also acceptable.

Support the Cause & Hardcore Supporter: All of the above, at a supplemental rate. BayThreat is the Bay Area con that is run by locals for locals. Because of this we attempt to keep ticket costs low, and sponsor advertising to a minimum. To help with this cause, some attendees are able to show a bit of extra support buy purchasing a more expensive ticket, often with the support of their company.

How can I volunteer at BayThreat?

Interested in volunteering for BayThreat? Great! We have several different positions to volunteer for. In order to qualify for a free ticket, volunteers must sign up for 4+ hours over the course of the 2 days of the conference. Contact us at baythreat@gmail.com.

Can I link back to BayThreat?

Interested in a link exchange? If you're another security conference or media site, let us know!

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