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Tickets on sale soon! For announcements, stay tuned to @BayThreat.

The recordings from last year's conference are available here.


In order to keep the ticket cost low, we rely on a few key sponsors to support us.

For sponsor info, email sponsors@baythreat.org.

Call For Papers

The Call for Papers for the 5th BayThreat security conference is open.

BayThreat is a 2 day event in the Bay Area, CA, December 5th & 6th. BayThreat talks have a classic theme: "Building & Breaking Security." Two tracks, each tackling opposite sides of the security fence.

Most importantly, however, all of the talks must be ACTIONABLE. Speakers must strive to educate the audience, and then provide take-home advice that leads to the participants actually DOING something. (Taking a speech you've done elsewhere earlier in the year and translating it into actionable items would work.) Also, be forewarned that this audience has been known to be particularly inhospitable towards sales pitches.

Our speakers will receive special badges, free admission for themselves and a guest, and a BayThreat t-shirt. Travel will be partially compensated for speakers that are traveling from beyond CA and submit to the Early Acceptance CFP Deadline September 30.

Previous conference topics have included:

We look forward to reading about what you've been working on!

-Marisa Fagan (Speaker Coordinator)

Fill out the submission form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xvfw1dSZCFP3KBSr62rC8oeZjlovUSFL26BVorZMri0/viewform